GB13271-2001 锅炉大气污染物排放标准 英文版

Emission standard of air pollutants for coal-burning oil-burning gas-fired boiler
1. Scope
This Standard specifies the supreme permissible effluent concentration of flue dust, SO2 and nitrogen oxides as well as the emission limits of flue gas blackness by age limits.
This Standard applies the supervision and management of the air pollutant emission by coal-burning, oil-burning and gas-fired boilers with different kinds of capacities and uses, except coal-powder-burning generation boilers and the generation boilers whose output per set is greater than 45.5MW (65t/h) and applies the environmental impact assessment, design, final acceptance and after-construction effluent management of construction projects.
For boilers adopting such fuels as bagasse, saw dust, rice hull and bark, the supreme permissible effluent concentration refers to the supreme permissible effluent concentration of air pollutants emitted by coal-burning boilers under this Standard.
2. Applied Standards
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this National Standard.
GB 3095–1996 - Ambient air quality standard
GB 5468–91 - Measurement method of smoke and dust emission from boilers
GB/T 16157-1996 - The determination of particulates and sampling methods of gaseous pollutants from exhaust gas of stationary source
3. Definition