DLT 5222-2005 导体和电器选择设计技术规定 英文版

1 Scope

1.0.1 The "Rule" prescribed the basic requirements for power plants and transformer substations newly-built project selecting (3-500) kV conductor and electrical equipment.

1.0.2 The "Rule" is suitable for power plants and transformer substations newly-built project selecting (3-500) kV conductor and electrical equipment. For expanded project and reconstructed project, it can refer to use.

1.0.3 Foreign projects will take the country of supply party or buyer into consideration. The "Rule" is referred to in combination with the physical circumstance of the project.
2. Normative cited document

The involved clauses of the following standard are cited by the "Rule" and formed the clause of the "Rule". For the cited documents with date and all their subsequent amendment list (exclusive of correction content) or revised edition are not suitable for the "Rule". However, whether the latest edition of these documents can be used or not, which depends on the parties who agreed on this. For the cited documents without date, its latest edition is suitable for the "Rule".

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