GB 50057-94 建筑物防雷设计规范 英文版

National Standards of the P.R. China
Design Code for Lightning Protection of Buildings
GB 50057-94
Chapter I General Principles
Article 1.0.1
The Code is designed to adjust the lightning protection designs to lightning protection measures adopted to buildings (including constructional work, the same as follows),To prevent or reduce casualties and losses of cultural relics and properties resulted from lightning hit buildings, and to live up to safety, state-of-art technologies and economic feasibility.
Article 1.0.2
The Code shall be applied to the lightening protection design of the newly-built buildings, but not to that of Antenna towers, Community Antenna Television (CATV) receiving systems, oilcans and chemical outdoor equipment.
Article 1.0.3
The design for building lightning protection shall be based on the strict survey of conditions including geography, geology, soil, weather and environment, of Laws of lightning activities and characteristics of the target buildings and shall make a scrutiny into forms and installations of lightning protection devices.
Article 1.0.4The design for building lightning protection shall execute all provisions of the Code and shall be in compliance with provisions of current national related standards and codes as well.