DLT 5044-2004 电力工程直流系统设计技术规程 英文版

1. Scope

This Code states requirements on the DC system wiring, equipment selection and allocation, DC system external interface and relevant trades.

This Code is applicable to the design of the DC systems ion the newly-built projects in the fossil fuel power plants with the unit capacity of 1000MW and lower, 500kV-and-lower substations and DC power transmission converter stations. The extended and rebuilt projects can be carried out referring to this. The fossil fuel power plants include the coalfired power station, oil fired power plant, gas power station and refuse-burning plant. Nuke, 750kV substations and other power projects can be carried out referring to it.

2. Normative Standards Quoted

Clauses in the following documents have been quoted by this standard and become clauses of this standard. For documents marked with time, their amendments (amendments to errors excluded) or revise versions are inapplicable. But, it is encouraged that parties that have reached on an agreement can discuss whether the latest edition of these documents can be adopted. For documents without date, their latest editions are applicable to this standard.

GB 14285 Technical Code for Relaying Protection and Security Automatic Equipment
GB/T 17626.12-1998 Electromagnetic Compatibility--Testing and Measurement Techniques--Oscillatory Waves Immunity Test (IDT IEC 61000-4-12:1995)
GB/T 17626.2-1998 Testing and Measurement Techniques---Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test (IDT IEC 61000-4-2:1995)
GB 50217 Code for Design of Cables of Electric Work
GB 50260 Code for Seismic Design of Electric Power Installations
DL 5000 Code for Technical Design of Fossil Fuel Power Plants
DL/T5035 Technical Regulation for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design of Thermal Power Plants

3. Terms

3.0.1 Storage Battery

3.0.2 Acidspray-proof Lead-acid Battery

3.0.3 Valve Regulated Sealed Lead-acid Battery

3.0.4 Nickel-cadmium Battery

3.0.5 System

3.0.6 Nominal Voltage

3.0.7 Rated Voltage for Equipment

3.0.8 Floating Charge

3.0.9 Equalizing Charge

3.0.10 Terminal Battery

3.0.11 Checking Discharge

3.0.12 Finish Voltage

3.0.13 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)