DLT 5167-2002 电力启闭机 英文版

Foreword 3
1. Scope 5
2. Normative Reference 6
3. Basic Symbols 7
4. General Provisions 8
5. Design Principle and Requirements 10
6. Load 22
8. Mechanism 30
9. Structure 52
10. Electrics 75
Annex A (Informative Annex) Hoisting Force, Lift Head, Span and Speed Series of Gate Hoist Date and Example of Working Class of Gate Hoist 82
Annex B (Informative) Recommended Values of Acceleration (Deceleration) of Running Mechanism and Corresponding Acceleration (Deceleration) Time 84
Annex C (Informative) Calculation Method of Horizontal Lateral Force Ps during Oblique Running of Gate Hoist 85
Annex D (Informative) Calculation Data of Wind Load 87
Annex E (Informative) Permissible Physical Quantity of Commonly-used Friction Surface Material 91
(Informative) 92
Friction Coefficient and Efficiency 92
Annex G (Informative) Relevant Calculation Data of Parts and Track 94
Annex H (Informative) Calculation Data for the Hydraulic Gate Hoist 114
Annex J (Informative) Materials for Calculating Stability of Two-way or One-way Bending Members 133
Annex K (Informative Annex) Overload check of motor 150
Annex L (Informative Annex) Heating inspection of winding-type asynchronous motor 152
Annex M (Informative Annex) The allowable output capability (P) of YZR series electromotor under different load duration factor (FC value) and under different CZ values (the average startup multiples K= 1.7) 155
Annex N (Informative Annex) The electromotor of gate hoist mechanism FC, CZ and G values in the capacity selection calculation 161
Annex P (informative annex) Current-carrying capacity of conducting wire 162
Annex Q (informative annex) Explanations on the text description in these Specifications 167