GB 50034-92 工业企业照明设计标准 英文版

Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standard

Compiling department: Ministry of Construction, PRC
Approval department: Ministry of Construction, PRC
Implementation Date: May 1st, 1993

Chapter 1 General Principles 2
Chapter 2 Lighting Mode and Lighting Category 2
Chapter 3 Illumination Standard 3
Section 1 General Regulations 3
Section 2 Illumination Standard Value 4
Chapter 4 Light Source 6
Chapter 5 Lighting Luminaire 7
Chapter 6 Lighting Quality 8
Section 1 Glare Restriction 8
Section 2 Light Source Color 10
Section 3 Illumination uniformity 12
Chapter 7 Lighting Power Supply 12
Chapter 8 Energy-saving Lighting 15
Appendix Ⅰ Noun Interpretation 16
Appendix Ⅱ The Illumination Standard Value of the General Production Workshop and Operational Location's Working Surface 18
Appendix Ⅲ Industrial enterprise's subsidiary building illumination standard value 22
Appendix Ⅳ Workshop open work location and transportation line's illumination standard value 23
Appendix Ⅴ Brightness curve method 24
Appendix Ⅵ Indoor lighting's objective effectiveness value (suggestion) 25

Chapter 1 General Principles
Article1.0.1 So as to carry out the national concerned technical economy policy in industrial enterprise lighting layout, in favor of protecting eyesight, improving products quality and labor productivity, achieve energy-saving, state-of-art technology, economical and reasonable, safety use and convenient maintenance, the standard is made-to-order.
Article 1.0.2 The standard is suitable for the new-constructed, reconstructed and enlarged project. It isn't suitable for subsurface construction, subsurface mine, windowless workshop, etc.
Article1.0.3 The industrial enterprise lighting design not only conforms to the standard, but also conforms to the requirements of current national related standard and norm.
Chapter 2 Lighting Mode and Lighting Category
Article 2.0.1 The lighting mode can be divided into general lighting, localized general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting. Its applicable principles should conform to the following regulation
1. The general lighting is adopted when the local lighting is not suitable for installation or it is unreasonable to adopt mixed lighting.
2. It can adopt localized general lighting when a certain working section needs the illumination higher than the general lighting.
3. It is suitable for adopting mixed lighting in the location which has higher illumination requirement, small working position density and the separate installation of general lighting is unreasonable.
4. Other lighting will be installed in one working location except local lighting installation.