GB 50169-92 电气装置安装工程接地装置施工及验收规范 英文版

Electric Equipment Installation Engineering GB50169 - 92
Code for Construction and Acceptance of Earthed Device

National Technical Supervision Bureau and Ministry of Construction P. R. China publicize the Code jointly on December 16, 1992.
Effective date: July 1, 1993.

Chapter 1 General principalArticle 1.0.1 This is to formulate the Code to ensure the construction quality of the installation engineering and safe operation of the earthed device and improve the technology level of the construction.

Article 1.0.2 The Code is applied to the construction and acceptance of installation engineering of electric equipment’s earthed device.

Article 1.0.3 The installation engineering of the earthed device should be conducted according to the approved design.

Article 1.0.4 The adopted equipment should conform to the national applicable technology standard with qualified certificate.
Article 1.0.5 Safe technology measure of the construction should conform to the Code and applicable regulation on safe technology standard.

Article 1.0.6 The installation of the earthed device should be in conjection with the construction of building engineering. Authority departments should finished medium examination and acceptance record of any and all concealed parts.

Article 1.0.7 The construction and acceptance of the earthed device should conform to the Code and other applicable standards and regulations.

Chapter 2 Earthed device of the electric equipment
Section 1 General regulation
Article 2.1.1 The following metal parts of electric equipments should be earthed or zero connected:
1. The metal chassis and encloser of any electric machine, transformer, electric equipment, portable or mobile electric device.
2. The gearing of any electric equipment.
3. The metal of the distribution equipment indoor and outdoor; reinforced concrete framework; metal fence and door near to electrification parts.
4. The metal framework and chassis of the screen (cubicle or box) for distribution, control or protection and operating table.
5. The joint box of AC/DC power cable, metal encloser of terminal head and expander, cable metal sheath, touchable cable metal protective tube and lined steel tube.
6. The bridge, bracket and headframe of cables.
7. The power line tower with lightning wires.
8. The power equipment mounted on the distribution line pole.
9. The metal tower and reinforced concrete tower of small earth current overhead power line without lightning wire within the non-asphaltum-ground residential area.
10. The framework of any electrical precipitator.
11. The encloser of closed bus and other bare metal parts.
12. The metal box of SF6 closed assembled electric equipment and box-style transformer substation.
13. The metal encloser of Electric-heat equipment.
14. The metal sheath of control cable.

Article 2.1.2 The following metal parts of electric equipments may not be earthed or zero connected: In dry room with wood, asphaltum or other poor conductor ground, the encloser of the electric equipment with an AC rating voltage of no more than 380V or DC rating voltage of no more than 440V. However, the encloser and other earthed objects should be earthed if it is possible to be