GB 1985- 2004 高压交流隔离开关和接地开关 英文版

High-voltage Alternating-current Disconnectors and Earthing Switches

1. General

1.1 Scope

The standard is suitable for using for the following AC disconnectors and earthing switches, like fixed indoors and outdoors, terminal is seal and open, the rated voltage is more than 3.6kV, and the operating frequency is less than 50HZ.

The standard is also suitable for the operation mechanism and its auxiliary equipment of these disconnectors and earthing switches.

The additional requirement of disconnectors and earthing switches in enclosed switch equipment and control equipment are given in GB 3906, GB 7674 and IEC 60466.

Note: the standard is exclusive of the situation that the fuse is not taken as a component of the disconnectors.

1.2 Normative quotation

The clauses in the following documents are cited by the Standard becoming the clauses of the Standard. If the cited document is marked date, its subsequent amendment list (exclusive of correction content) or revised edition are not suitable for the Standard. However, the various parties entering into an agreement according to the Standard are encouraged to research whether these documents' latest edition is used or not. If the cited documents are not marked date, the latest edition is suitable for the standard.

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