GB 748-2005 抗硫酸盐硅酸盐水泥 英文版

Sulfate-resistance Portland Cement

1. Scope

This national standard specifies the classification, terms and definitions, material requirements, strength level, technical requirements, test method, test rules, packaging, markings, transportation and storage.

This national standard is applicable to sulfate-resistance Portland cement.

2. Normative quoted documents

The following provisions become part of the national standard after being quoted. For documents marked with time, their amendments (amendments to errors excluded) or revised versions are inapplicable. However, it is encouraged that parties that have reached an agreement according to this standard discuss whether the latest edition of these documents can be adopted. For documents without date, their latest editions are applicable to this standard.

GB/T176 Method for chemical analysis of cement (GB/T176-1996, eqvISO680:1990)

GB/T749 Test method for potential expansion of Portland cement mortars exposed to sulfate

GB/T750 Autoclave method for soundness of Portland cement

GB/T1346 Test methods for water requirement of normal consistency,
setting time and soundness of cement (GB/T 1346 - 2001, egv ISO9597:1989)

GB/T5483 Gypsum and anhydrite

GB/T8074 Testing method for specific surface of cement-Blaine method

GB9774 Cement packaging bag

GB12573 Cement sampling procedure

GB/T17671 cement mortar strength test method (ISO method)
(GB/T17671-1999, idtISO679:1989)

JC/T667 Cement grinding aid