GB 699-1999 优质碳素结构钢 英文版

GB 699-1999 优质碳素结构钢 英文版

National Standard of the People's Republic of China
GB/T 669-1999
Quality Carbon Structure Steels
Replace GB/T 699-1988

1. Aspect(s) Covered
This standard regulates size, shape, weight, tolerance, specification, testing method, inspection rules, package, mark and quality certificate of hot-rolled or hot-forged quality carbon structure steel.
This standard is applicable to quality carbon structure steel rod whose diameter or thickness is not greater than 250mm. Through negotiation between buyers and sellers, quality carbon structure steel rod whose diameter or thickness is greater than 250mm can also be supplied.
Grades and chemical composition prescribed in this standard are also applicable to steel ingot and steel billet products.
2. Normative Reference
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. All the Standards stated below are effective at the publication of this Standard. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below.

GB/T 222-1984 Method of Sampling Steel for Determination of Chemical Composition and Permissible Variations for Product Analysis
GB/T224-1987 Determination of Depth of Decarburization of Steel
GB/T 226-1991 Etch Test for Macrostructure and Defect of Steels
GB/T 228-1987 Metallic Materials - Tensile Testing
GB/T 229-1994 Metallic Materials - Charpy Notch Impact Test
GB/T 231-1984 Metallic Materials - Brinell Hardness Test
GB/T 233-1982 Method for Forging Test of Metals
GB/T 702-1986 Hot-rolled Round and Square Steels - Dimension, Shape, Weight and Tolerance
GB/T 908-1987 Forged Round and Square Steels - Dimension, Shape, Weight and Tolerance
GB/T 1979-1980 Diagram of a Low Magnification Texture Blemish Grading of Structural Steel
GB/T 2101-1989 General Requirements of Acceptance, Packaging, Marking and Certification for Section Steel
GB/T 2975-1998 Steel and Steel Products - Location and Preparation of Test Pieces for Mechanical Testing
GB/T 4336-1984 Method for Photoelectric Emission Spectroscopic Analysis of Carbon Steel Medium and Low Alloy Steel
GB/T 6397-1986 Metallic Materials - Test Pieces for Tensile Testing
GB/T 7736-1987 Ultrasonic Inspecting Method for Macro-structure and Imperfection of Steel
GB/T 10561-1989 Steel - Determination of Content of Non-metallic Inclusion - Micrographic Method Using Standard Diagrams
GB/T 17616-1998 Unified Numbering System for Designations of Iron, Steel and Alloy
GB/T 13299-1991 Steel - Determination of Microstructure
GB/T 15711-1995 Steel Products - Method for Etch Test of Tower Sample
GB/T 17505-1998 Steel and Steel Products - General Technical Delivery Requirements
YB/T 5148-1993 Metal - Methods for Estimating the Average Grain Size

For normative reference of chemical analysis method for composition in steel, see Annex A (normative).