GBT 985-1988气焊、手工电弧焊及气体保护焊焊缝坡口的基本形式与尺寸 英文版

GBT 985-1988气焊、手工电弧焊及气体保护焊焊缝坡口的基本形式与尺寸 英文版
1 The subject content cum scope of application
The national standard prescribed different kinds of groove forms and groove sizes for steel welded joints.
The national standard is suitable for welded joint of carbon steel and low alloy steel with gas welding (being used for sheet metal), manual arc welding and gas- shielded welding.
2 Normative reference
GB 324 Symbolic representation method of welded joint on drawings
GB 5185 Welding and soldering of metals-List of processes for symbolic representation on drawings 3 The basic form and size of the welded joint groove is prescribed according to Table 1.