GB T 5137-2-2002 汽车安全玻璃试验方法--光学性能试验 英文版

Test Methods of Safety Glazing Materials Used on Road Vehicles
Part 2: Optical Properties Test;
1. Scope
This part of GB/T 5137 has stated the test method for the optical properties of safety glass used for road vehicles.
This part is applicable for the road vehicle safety glass (hereinafter referred to as safety glass.)The safety glass includes glass products processed from all kinds of glass or the combination of the glass and other materials, but excludes plastic safety glass.
2. Test Conditions
Except special regulations, the test shall be carried out under the following conditions:
A) Environmental Temperature: 20℃±5℃;
B) Air Pressure: 8.60*104Pa-1.06*105Pa;
C) Relative Humidity: 40%-80%.
3. Test Application Conditions
For some safety glass that can have the test result predicted from the known properties, not all tests shall be carried out.