GBT 14285- 2006 继电保护和安全自动装置技术规程 英文版

Technical Code for Relaying Protection and Security Automatic Equipment

1. Scope

This Code has stated the fundamental principles on the power system relaying protection and security automatic equipment. These principles shall be executed by related scientific research, design, manufacture, construction and operation departments.

This Code is applicable to the relaying protection in power equipment and circuits and the security automatic equipment that are used in the 3kV-or-higher power system.

2. Normative Standards Quoted

Clauses in the following documents have been quoted by this standard and become clauses of this standard. For documents marked with time, their amendments or revise versions are inapplicable. But, it is encouraged that parties that have reached on an agreement can discuss whether the latest edition of these documents can be adopted. For documents without date, their latest editions are applicable to this standard.

GB 16847-1997 Requirement for Protective Current Transformers for Transient Performances

GB/T 7409.1-7409.3-1997 Excitation System for Synchronous Electrical Machines-Definitions

DL/T 553-1994 Technical Specification of Dynamic Fault Recording for 220kV-500 kV Power System
DL/T 667-1999 Tele-control Equipment and Systems Part 5:Transmission protocols, Section 103 Companion Standard for the Information Interface of Protection Equipment (idt IEC 60870-5-103)
DL/T 723-2000 Guide on Security and Stability for Power System
DL 755-2001 Guide on Security and Stability for Power System
DL/T 866-2004 Guide of Selection and Calculation of Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer
IEC 60044-7 Instrument Transformers-Part 7: Electronic Voltage transformers
IEC 60044-8 Instrument Transformers-Part 8: Electronic Current transformers
IEC 60255-24 Electrical relays – Part 24: Common format for transient data exchange (COMTRATE) for power systems
IEC 60255-26 Measuring relays and protection equipment-part 26: Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements for measuring relays and protection equipment.

3. General