GB_T 1250-1989 极限数值的表示方法和判定方法 英文版

GB_T 1250-1989 极限数值的表示方法和判定方法 英文版
1. Subject content and application scope
This national standard has regulated the written way of limiting value, definition of relative terms, as well as the comparison method between measured value or calculated value and the limiting value specified in the standard.
The standard is applicable to the draft of standards at all levels and the judgment of measurement result.

2. Normative References
GB 8170 Rules for Rounding-off of Numerical Values

3. General rules for writing limiting values
It is regulated by the standard that the checked indicators and parameters should be listed in form of numbers, so as to ensure they are within a range of limit values. It is expressed in minimum and maximum limit value, or basic value and limit deviations.