DLT 507-2002 水轮发电机组启动试验规程 英文版

DLT 507-2002 水轮发电机组启动试验规程 英文版

1. Scope

The national standard prescribed the start-up operation test procedure and requirement of hydraulic-turbine and generator units with 15MW unit capacity and more than 15MW unit capacity. The standard is suitable for the start-up operation test and acceptance of hydraulic power station hydraulic-turbine and generator units and related electromechanical devices. The units less than 15MW unit capacity can be implemented referring to the standard.

The standard is also suitable for the starting test of reversible pump-storage unit power generation working condition. 可The start-up test requirement of reversible pump-storage unit water pump working condition is implemented according to prescription in GB/T 18482 - 2001 Start-up Test Code for Reversible Pump-storage Units.

For the start-up operation test for bulb tubular units, please refer to Start-up Test Code for Bulb Tubular Hydraulic-turbine and Generator Units.

2. Cited normative documents

The clauses in the following documents are cited by the Standard becoming the clauses of the Standard. If the cited document is marked date, its subsequent amendment list (exclusive of correction content) or revised edition are not suitable for the Standard. However, the various parties entering into an agreement according to the Standard, it is encouraged to research whether these documents' latest edition is used or not. If the cited documents are not marked date, the latest edition is suitable for the standard.

SDJ 278-1990 Code for Fire Protection Design of Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering

3 General principles