DLGJ 158-2001 火力发电厂钢制平台扶梯设计技术规定 英文版

1 Scope
1.0.1 This code is applicable to the operation, maintenance and connection of the steel platform escalators designed for the operation, inspection and repairment service of the technology professional of the thermal power plant. It also can be taken for the minimum standard of procuring the platform escalators and their related equipments.

1.0.2 This code is applicable to the following conditions:

1 The Conventional Island of the nuclear power station without prejudice to the nuclear power safety condition;

2 when the foreign projects implement China Standard after coming to an agreement;

3 The boiler body or other equipments supplementing the platform escalators could apply this code, but the styles of them should be consistent with the original.

1.0.3 This code is not applicable to the platform escalators utilized in the civil work, other civil transportation, fire protection, communication tower, telegraph pole, and chimney, etc.

2 Standard References

The provisions in the following standard become part of this code by quotation of it. At time of publication of this code, all editions indicated are valid. And all standards are subject to be revised. All the parties applying this code should make a study of the possibility of applying the latest edition of the following standards.

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