DL 5022-1993 火力发电厂土建结构设计技术规定 英文版

DL 5022-1993 火力发电厂土建结构设计技术规定 英文版 1 General provision
1.0.1 This standard is formulated with a view to go through with national technical economy policy in the design of civil structure of thermal power plant, and to make safety and usability, state-of-art technology, economy and rationality as well as guarantee quality.
1.0.2 This stipulation is applicable to the design of civil structure of the thermal power plant with steam turbine generator capacity is 12-600 MW (hereinafter referred to as power plant).
For the power plant with renovation and other generator capacity, the design may refer to stipulation and relevant specifications to. Power transformation truss may refer to "Technical Stipulation for the Design of Building Structure in 35-500 kV Substation".
1.0.3 This stipulation is established according to current relevant standards of the nation and be combined with characteristics of power plant. Parts not mentioned in this standard shall still meet the requirement of current relevant standard of the nation.
1.0.4 Structural design shall meet the requirements of strength, stabilization, distortion, crack resistance and earthquake resistance, etc.
Structural arrangement shall closely cooperate with technology; it shall design according to unified modular system and give priority to adopting standard design and typical design to improve level of standardization, serialization, and generalization.
1.0.5 Structural design shall base upon summarization of practical experience and scientific experiment, and digest and absorb advanced experience in abroad, then closely cooperate with construction, adopt new technique, new arrangement, new construction, and new material positively and cautiously.
1.0.6 Spread and apply computer aided design technology positively and increase design level and work efficiency continually.
1.0.7 When making structural design, it shall adopt different safety classes according to possible seriousness of consequence caused by structural damage.
2 Loads
2.1 Basic requirements
2.1.1 Design load and load effect combination generally constructed by power plant shall be adopted according to the stipulation of this chapter.
Load and load effect combination of special construction in the power plant shall be adopted according to relevant chapters of this standard.
This specified load is the normal value in the design of building structure.
2.1.2 Load in structures may be divided into the following three kinds: Permanent load (dead load): during application period of structure, the load value will not vary as time, or its variation may be negligible comparing with average value, such as self weight structure and earth pressure, etc. Variable load (live load): during application period of the structure, load value varies as time and its variation is non-negligible comparing with its average value, such as floor (ground) live load, roofing live load, crane load, wind load and snow load, etc.
Note: load on mill construction equipment and pipeline (including sole weight of equipment and pipeline as well as filler weight in the equipment, pipeline and container shall be considered as live load). Accidental load: load not always appears during application period of the structure, once it appears, its value is very large, and its duration is short, such as blasting power and impact force, etc.
2.1.3 Partial load factor of the general load is adopted according to the stipulation of "Load Specifications for Building Structure.”
Load on equipment and pipeline includes coal (coal dust) in coal (fine coal) scuttle, deaerator , industrial water tank, tailing classifier and high (low) pressure heater, etc. Its partial load factor is 1.3.
2.1.4 Load effect combination shall not only comply with "Load Specifications for Building Structure,” but also comply with the following supplementary provisions: