JC/T 512-93 Decoration of Automobile Safety Glass

JC/T 512-93 Decoration of Automobile Safety Glass
1. Subject Content and Applicable Scope

This Standard contains basic requirements for decoration of automobile safety glass.

This Standard is applicable to decoration of automobile-use safety glass (hereinafter referred to as "safety glass") as well as decoration of safety glasses used in other vehicles.

2. Standards Quoted

GB191 Packaging-pictorial Marking for Handling of Goods
GB4122 General Packaging Terms
GB4857.7 Packaging: Packaging - Transport packages - Sinusoidal vibration test method at constant frequency
GB9656 Automobile-use Safety Glass

3. Requirements of Packaging Technology

3.1 Preparation for product package

3.1.1 Product
Only when requirements of CUB9656 are satisfied, can products be packaged.

3.1.2 Packaging material