GB/T 16911-1997 水泥生产防尘技术规程

GB/T 16911-1997 水泥生产防尘技术规程
1. Scope
This Code has stated basic requirements for dust control and comprehensive dust prevention measures.
This Code is applicable for dust control design, technical transformation and management of cement enterprises.
2. Standards Quoted
Articles included in the following standards have become part of this Code by means of quotation. During the publishing of this Code, all editions have the same effectiveness. All standards may be revised. Units concerned ought to search for the feasibility of the Code's latest edition.
GB/T 3840-91: Technical Method for Establishment of Local Air Pollutant Emission Standard
GB 3095-1996: Environmental Air Quality Standard
GB 4915-1996: Air Pollutant Emission Standard for Cement Plants
GB 5748-85: Test Method for Dust in Air on the Work Site
GB 5817-86: Grading of Injury Degrees of Industrial Dust
GB 9774-1996: Cement Packing Bags
GB/T 16157-1996: Determination of Grains in Stationary Pollution Source Air and Sampling Method of Gaseous Pollutant
GB 16225-1996: Hygienic Standard for Respiratory Siliceous Dust of the Air in Workshops
TJ 36-79: Hygienic Standard for Industrial Enterprise Design
3. Dust Control Requirements for Site Selection and Building Design
3.1 Site Selection
A) The selection of newly-built, rebuilt and expended enterprises ought to be far away from densely populated areas and located in the windward side of the minimum-frequency air heading in the year in places where dwellers live.