GBT 15036.1-2001 实木地板技术标准

GBT 15036.1-2001 实木地板技术标准
1. Application Scope

This Standard provides definition, classification and technical requirements of solid wood flooring as well as requirement for package, label, transportation and storage. This Standard is applicable to flooring made of wood of coniferous tree whose air-dry density is not less than 0.32g/cm3 and hardwood whose air-dry density is not less than 0.50g/cm3.

2. Quoted Standards
Articles in Standards stated below shall become components of this Standard through being quoted herein. All the Standards stated below are effective at the publication of this Standard. It is possible that Standards may be revised, therefore the latest version of the following Standards shall be adopted in application of this Standard. Drying Quality of Sawn Timber GB/T 6491-1999, GB/T 4823- 1995 Defects in Sawn Timber and GB/T 18103 - 2000 Parquet

3. Definition
The following words and phrases shall have the meaning stated below in this Standard.

3.1 Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring refers to the flooring that is directly made of timer.