GBT 19418-2003 钢的弧焊接头缺陷质量分级指南 英文版

GBT 19418-2003 钢的弧焊接头缺陷质量分级指南 英文版

1 Scope

This standard stipulates the quality levels for imperfections of arc-welded joints in steel. These levels are related to products manufacturing quality, but not related to their applicability (see 3.1).

This standard is applicable to:

According to welding method and their technology sorts specified in GB/T5185:

11 Metal arc welding without gas shield;

12 Submerged arc welding;

13 Gas shielded arc welding;

14 Non-gas shielded metal arc welding;

15 Plasma arc-welding;

——handiwork, mechanization, and automation welding method;

——all the welding positions;

——butt weld, fillet weld and branch joint;

——steels with thickness scope within 3-63 mm

This standard is not considering metallurgy factors, such as grain size and hardness.

2 Normative documents

The following normative documents contain provision which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this national standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments (excluding corrigendum content) to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, it is encouraged for the parties using the latest edition of these documents who come to an agreement by referring to this standard. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies.

GB/T 324 Welds-symbolic representation on drawings (eqv ISO 2553)

GB/T 3375 Welding terminology

GB/T 5185 Welding, brazing, braze welding and soldering of metals; List of processes for symbolic representation on drawings (eqv ISO 4063)

GB/T 6417 Classification of imperfections in metallic fusion welds, with explanations (eqv ISO 6520)