GBT 15468-2006 水轮机基本技术条件(英文版)

GBT 15468-2006 水轮机基本技术条件
2. Normative Standards

The clauses in the following documents are cited by the Standard becoming the clauses of the Standard. If the cited document is marked date, its subsequent amendment list (exclusive of correction content) or revised edition are not suitable for the Standard. However, the various parties entering into an agreement according to the Standard are encouraged to research whether these documents' latest edition is used or not. If the cited documents are not marked date, the latest edition is suitable for the part.

GB 150 Steel pressure vessels

GB/T 191 Packaging-Pictorial marking for handling of goods (GB/T 191-2000, egv ISO 780:1997)

GB/T 2900.45 Electrotechnical terminology--hydraulic turbine, storage pump and pump-turbine

GB/T 3323-1987 Methods for radiographic inspection and quality classification of radiographs for fusion welded butt joints in steel

GB/T 6075.5-2002 Mechanical vibration--Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts--Part 5: Machine sets in hydraulic power generating and pumping plants (idt ISO 10816-5:2000)

GB/T 8564-2003 Specification installation of hydraulic turbine generator units

GB/T 9239 Balance quality of rigid rotors--Determination of permissible residual unbalance (GB/T 9239-1988, egv ISO 1940-1:1986)

GB/T 9797-1997 Metallic coatings-Electrodeposited coatings of nickel plus chromium and of copper plus nickel plus chromium (eqv ISO 1456:1988)

GB/T 10969 Specifications for water passage components of hydraulic turbines (GB/T 10969-1996, neq IEC 60193-1:1977)

GB 11120-1989 turbine oil L-TSA (neq ISO 8068:1987)

GB/T 11345-1989 Method for manual ultrasonic testing and classification of testing results for ferritic steel welds

GB/T11348.5-2002 Mechanical vibration of non-reciprocating machines—Measurements on rotating shafts and evaluation criteria--Part 5: Machine sets hydraulic power generating and pumping plants (idt ISO 7919-5:1997)

GB/T 11805-1999 Basic specifications of automatic control components (devices) and their related system for hydroturbine-generating sets

GB/T 12469-1990 Quality assurance of welding--Requirement for fusion welding joint of steel and classification for imperfection (neq DIN 8563 T3:1979)

GB/T 15469 Cavitation pitting evaluation in reaction hydraulic turbines (GB/T 15469-1995, neq IEC 60609:1978)

GB/T 17189 Code for field measurement of vibrations and pulsations in hydraulic machines (GB/T 17189-1997, neq IEC 60994:1991)

GB/T 19184-2003 Cavitation pitting evaluation in pelton turbines (IEC 60609-2:1997, MOD)

DL/T 443 General provisions for turbine generator installation and final examination

DL/T 507-2002 Start-up test code for hydraulic-turbine and generator units

DL/T 710-1999 Code of operation for hydraulic turbines

JB/T 127 Specification of shaft forgings for turbines and generators

JB 4730-1992 Nondestructive testing for pressure equipments

JB/T 6061-1992 Non-destructive testing--Magnetic particle testing of welds
JB/T 6062-1992 Non-destructive testing--penetrant testing of welds

JB/T 8660-1997 Code of packing, transportation, and preservation for turbine generator

IEC 60041 Field Acceptance Tests to Determine the Hydraulic Performance of Hydraulic Turbines, Storage Pumps, and Pump-Turbines

IEC 60193 hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump turbines--Model acceptance test

IEC 60545-1976 Guide for commissioning operation and maintenance of hydraulic turbines

CCH-70-3 Inspection code for hydraulic machinery steel casting