AQ 2006-2005 尾矿库安全技术规程

In order to specify tailing pond construction, operation, enclosure and reutilization and to guarantee people's life and property safety, this standard is established according to "Production Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China", Law Of The People's Republic Of China On Safety In Mines, relevant laws, administrative regulations and professional technical standards, specifications and provisions.
Both Appendix A and B of this standard are informative appendix.
This standard was proposed and under the jurisdiction of State Administration of Work Safety.
This standard was drafted by: Central Engineering Institute for Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industries and Qinhuangdao Engineering & Research Institute for Metallurgical Industry.
Chief drafting staffs of this standard: Tian Wenqi, Qu Zhongde, Wu Shaohui, Yang Chunfu, Shi Wei, and Wang Shu.
Safety technical regulations for tailing pond
1 Scope
This code specifies safety requirements of tailing pond in several aspects such as construction, production run, safety inspection, degree of safety, pond enclosure, and reuse and safety evaluation.
This code is applicable to tailing pond of concentration plant for metallic and non-metallic minerals, red mud pond of alumina plant. It also can be taken as reference for wet industrial residue storage, cinder storage of generating station and tailing pond of dry treatment.
2 Normative reference
The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this code. The latest edition of the reference document and revised edition thereafter are applicable to this code.
"Design specifications for tailings facilities of concentration plant"
“Code for construction and acceptance of tailings disposal facilities”
“The Rock Soil Engineering Reconnaissance Specification”
“Design specification for rolled earth-rock embankments”
“Construction specifications for rolled earth-rock embankments”
“Specifications for seismic design of hydraulic structures”
“Design code for antiseismic of special structures”